About us

The Encyclopedia of Opinion.

There is a finite number of arguments about everything, and we’re on a mission to map them.

We want to build an encyclopedia of all the arguments and opinions in the world - a kind of atlas of ideas.


A Knowledge Project

What Wikipedia has done for facts, we want to do for opinions.

With your help, we want to map out all the wonderful variety of human opinion and argument.

Want to know how people think of love around the world and through the ages?

Can’t fathom why people believe / don’t believe in aliens?

We have the answers for those, and thousands of other questions.

A Tool for Civil Discourse

Debate and argument is how we build our values. At scale, it is how we decide what kind of states we want to live in: argument is the foundation stone of democracy.

This is what the Encyclopedia of Opinion seeks to enable, accelerate, and celebrate.

We want to help you understand your own beliefs, and understand the landscape of beliefs around them.

All that, in calm, descriptive, dispassionate language. It’s hard to listen to someone’s opinion when they’re shouting at you…

If you’d like to read more about the thinking behind Parlia, head over to this short post, or have a glance at our FAQs.

Most importantly, JOIN US and help us map the world of ideas.

You can find everything that needs doing right here in the to-do list so jump right in!

Finally, meet our Top Editors, with a special shout-out to our Editor Interns Devyn, Jen, Peytyn and Sydney

And meet the core team. Turi, J. Paul, Ollie, Rob, Dylan, Marzee Labs, and see what the community is up to at the Village Pump.

Check out coverage of Parlia here.

Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and help spread the word!

And come visit! Our HQ is in London, and we’re proud to be part of the Somerset House Exchange.

Encyclopedia of Opinion

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