Welcome to Philosophy

This is a place to read about and contribute to debates about philosophy. Discover the pros and cons surrounding the world of ideas, questions around perception of self and issues of the mind and body divide.
Welcome to Philosophy
Welcome to Philosophy


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What is pleasure?

We all know the feeling of pleasure. Some would describe it as a feeling or sense of delight, happiness, gratification. ...

What is Life?

We are and see and interact with living things all around us... but what is the definition of life exactly? Is life chem...

What is suffering?

Is suffering identical to pain? Or is suffering the frustration of a strong desire? Or is suffering the violation of a m...

What is a Nation?

Are nations ancient or modern? Are they natural or artificial? Are they a tool of liberation or coercion? Despite many p...

Is socialism ethical?

Socialism is the political belief the government should redistribute wealth to close the economic gap in society. Many a...

Lots more to see!
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