What is Parlia?

Parlia is an Opinion Library.

We’re cataloguing all opinions and beliefs about everything, building an ever-expanding library of what people think, and why.


The internet is awash with opinions. 

You’ll find the same argument 100,000 X on Reddit; 1M X on Facebook; 10M X on Twitter.

Parlia is pulling them all together in one place: the definitive home of all those opinions.

So you can see what they’re all about in a snapshot - see the pros and cons, the history of the idea, and how people feel about it all over the world.

All in a smart, fast and engaging way.

To what end?

The world is more polarised than it has been in a generation.

Left and Right are pulling further apart, to the extent we sometimes wonder whether we can really all live together.

That’s what Parlia is trying to address.

We profoundly believe that debate and discussion is the foundation of democracy. We need the other side to help us build our values and work out what is best for us all.

But to do that, we have to be able to hear them.

Parlia wants to make that possible.

Parlia is a platform for civil debate: a place for us to engage with each others’ ideas with calm, curiosity and respect.

Where does the name Parlia come from?

We think of Parlia as the place where ‘parley’ happens.

We want to be a safe-haven on the Internet where people can calmly come to explore the world of opinions, some of which they’ll agree with, and others not.

Can anyone participate?

Anyone at all, from anywhere. We want to chart all the world’s ideas, about everything.

The only rule is respectfulness.

Do you explore all “opinions” no matter what?

We want to describe the world of opinion, not prescribe what’s right or wrong.

So yes: we want to reflect the landscape of ideas out there.

That said:

  • we believe in facts. So we will be building mechanisms to flag the factual validity of the opinions described on Parlia.

  • we feel a very real responsibility towards our readers, which means we will flag content that might be considered offensive.

How do you make sure the site is accurate?

Parlia is a platform: we rely on you, our readers and contributors, to help us improve as we go.

How do you handle opinions that are offensive or factually wrong?

If you see an Opinion or Comment that is offensive or dangerous, please flag it!

You can also flag comments for being disrespectful or rude.

We’ll review and mark it as such.

Does Parlia have a political leaning?

Absolutely not, and we will do our best to ensure as much diversity of opinion exists on Parlia as exists in the world.

Parlia begins from the simple conviction that all ideas should be interrogated, and are best examined in a calm, dispassionate way.

What appears on the Homepage?

The Homepage is mostly driven by our algorithm, but we’ll also surface Opinions that we think are topical or interesting or particularly rich.

Do you sell data on individuals?

We don’t nor will we ever sell individuals data. We may share aggregate data on opinion formation, but always anonymised and grouped.

Who owns Parlia?

Parlia is a startup.

The majority shareholders are Parlia’s founders, Turi Munthe and J Paul Neeley. You can email us via hello@parlia.com

We’re super proud to have the backing of two amazing early stage VCs in Bloomberg Beta and Tiny VC

Where is the team based?

We’re based out of Somerset House in London, UK, with a community of contributors all over the world.

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