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Welcome to the village pump! This is where we administer the site, and make adjustments to how things work. We’ll try to fill it with links to content that will help the community as we all to connect with and build Parlia together.

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Table Talk - Our Blog Meta thinking about argumentation, debate, opinion, and related issues.

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The Parlia Podcast On opinion, with Turi Munthe.

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Nothing open at the moment… but if you feel you’d be a good fit, email explaining why!

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To-Do List Automated list that shows the latest opportunities for contribution on the site.

Style Guide Learn how each of the pages on Parlia are created, from Questions to Positions to Arguments to Proponents.

Top Contributors Meet the people behind the project leading the way to map the worlds opinions.

Argument Types Examples of how Arguments may be categorised.

Counter Argument Types Examples of how Counter Arguments may be categorised.

Premises Categories of Premises.

Critical Tags A guide to Parlia’s system of tagging potentially offensive or dangerous arguments.

Logical Fallacies Parlia’s guide to the various logical fallacies arguments may fall victim to. Logical fallacies are common errors in reasoning.

Writing for Readability Parlia’s tips for making sure your contributions are a pleasure to read.

Markdown A guide to Markdown, the formatting language Parlia uses in some sections.


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