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Is alien life a threat to religion?
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Alien life poses a threat to Christianity

Christianity is seen as the least compatible when it comes to religion and extraterrestrial life. Many Christians believe that life exists on other planets. If Christianity can evolve their ideologies around alien life, then other religions have the potential to evolve.
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The Argument

If Christianity can adapt to extraterrestrial life, then other religions can as well. Christianity is the most rigid when it comes to the belief in alien life since the idea of life on other planets contradicts Christian beliefs. Yet, a considerable amount of Christians already believe in alien life and still practice their religion daily. Some also claim that furthering scientific discoveries also strengthens personal religious beliefs.[1] Christianity is the most rigid and contradictory of alien life. This rejection is because Christians believe in only one God, and that human beings are made from his image. Christianity also emerged from the original idea that the universe revolves around Earth. But as science progresses, many Christians can alter their beliefs. Today, most Christians are comfortable with the idea that the universe does not revolve around Earth, and that Earth revolves around the sun central to the solar system. Other scientific discoveries, such as the theory of evolution, have also contradicted Christian beliefs. In the Catholic denomination, the Bible states we are all descendants of Adam and Eve, the first man and woman on Earth. Evolution contradicts this belief, with humans being a species that has evolved over a lengthy amount of time. Many Christians are now believers in evolution. If theories such as evolution can alter the Christian belief system, the discovery of alien life should be no different.

Counter arguments

The discovery of extraterrestrial life would mean the end to Christianity. Christian ideologies are too strict with the idea of life in other parts of the universe, believing Earth and God's people are central to the universe. The belief is that God created the universe for humans—his people.[2]The discovery of extraterrestrial life would reduce the significance of the human race, especially if the newly discovered life form is proven to be more intelligent.



Rejecting the premises


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