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Should Puerto Rico become a US state or independent?
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America has a history of attempting to preserve democracy

Since World War II under President Truman, the US has attempted to promote free and open democracies abroad. That promotion shouldn’t stop now.

The Argument

US President Harry S. Truman had such a meaningful foreign policy that the "Truman Doctrine" is still a term used to this day. Since Truman, political pundits on both sides of the aisle have—at one time or another—called on the country to adhere to the Truman Doctrine. It's time that same policy applies to Puerto Rico. During and after World War II, the US had a foreign policy geared towards liberating countries from Soviet rule and installing free and fair democracies abroad.[1] However, even during that period of US liberative foreign policy, America continued to cling to Puerto Rico. If the goal of the Truman Doctrine was to instill free and fair democracies abroad that were more effective than puppet governments, Puerto Rico should be granted its freedom. The government in Puerto Rico is restrained by US law, which they never asked to be affiliated with.[2] Puerto Rico cannot be a true democracy until it has its independence, its freedom, and makes its own decision on how to govern the island.[3]

Counter arguments

Puerto Rico is more likely to have a democratic government under US rule. Colonies and territories all over the world have fallen victim to violent, autocratic, and dictatorial governments. In Colombia, for example, an uprising and liberation movement led to an independent government, but culminated in a violent uprising in the late 1940's and early 50's.[4] If the US actually seeks to promote democracy on the island, they should keep control as to not let a violent uprising or tyrannical government appear in Puerto Rico.



Rejecting the premises


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