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Should asexual people be included in the LGBTQ+ community?
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Asexual people face discrimination and alienation

Asexual people should be able to find community in a world which is hostile towards them.
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(CONTENT WARNING: acephobia, sexual violence) Asexual people are discriminated against on many levels, so should be included in the LGBTQ+ acronym to give them a place to find community, share experiences and resources, and be recognised for their suffering. 43.5% of asexual people in a poll of 8000 reported being victims of sexual violence.[1] Much of this is corrective rape, an attempt to "fix" someone's sexuality. Asexual people are also mocked frequently in pop culture, with asexually coded characters being frequently mocked by their friends as a running gag.[2][3] A well-known example of this is Sheldon Cooper from the popular American sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory'.

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