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How should we address homelessness?
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A better economy will provide the homeless with opportunities to obtain financial stability

We need to address the cause of homelessness, not its symptoms.
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The Argument

The majority of homelessness relief programs focus on meeting an individual's present needs, rather than addressing the cause of widespread homelessness-our unhealthy economy. In order to prevent homelessness, we must focus on improving the overall economy. In a financially prosperous society, homeless people will have more opportunities to find jobs, a stable residence, and healthcare. For this reason, we can fight homelessness the most effectively by striving to create a healthy economy that allows all people to work their way up the economic ladder.

Counter arguments

Although financial need contributes to homelessness, it is not the problem's only cause. Because of this, it is naive to claim that improving our economy will automatically solve our homelessness problem.


[P1] Financial need is the primary cause of homelessness.

Rejecting the premises


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