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Why are there so many mice in London?
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Larger cities provide more living space for mice

Though some people love to label London as one huge, mouse-infested health and safety hazard, many fail to acknowledge that the city's sprawling size means more pests of all kinds.

The Argument

While many people complain about the number of mice that live in London, few take into account the sheer size of the Swinging City. Standing at 607 square miles, the city is the third-largest in Europe after Istanbul and Moscow, and over twice as big as New York. Because of its massive size, it currently houses 8.9 million people-and with them, a considerable amount of mice. However, unlike some people claim, the number of mice is not an indicator of some underlying flaw in the city. It does not stem from poor waste management or architectural quirks. Rather, it is merely an indicator of the city’s impressive size. Of course a larger area will have more mice, simply because it covers so much space, and more rodents can live in this space. There is not an unusual amount of mice for the city’s size; rather, most major cities around the world have similar issues with rodents. Thankfully, in addition to an increased amount of pests, London has a wider array of management solutions, from preventative measures to extermination resources.

Counter arguments

People who point out London's rodent problem are not criticizing the raw number of mice in the area. They are pointing out that the city administration has failed to decrease this number. Of course, it is to be expected that a larger area will have more pests than will a smaller area. However, one could also reasonably expect that a city government would have more resources to take better care of rodent management. Throughout history, and even today, London has failed to do so. It is evident that London's sprawling size is not the only reason for its excessive amount of mice; sanitation and architectural issues play a part as well.



[P1] London is a large area. [P2] Large areas have more room for mice. [P3] London has more mice because it is a large area.

Rejecting the premises


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