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Should birth control be free?
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Birth control has health benefits

Birth control is not just about regulating pregnancy, it's about quality of life.

The Argument

Besides its intended purpose, birth control can have countless health benefits for women. It can regulate the menstrual cycle, treat acne, help with polycystic ovary syndrome, and prevent overly heavy menstrual bleeding. Not to mention that the combination birth control pill can even reduce the risk of ovarian cancers.[1] Why should these not be free? They would keep women healthy and well, benefiting society and creating ease of life that can't exist for some people if they can't afford birth control. The health benefits alone provide enough reason to make it free.

Counter arguments

If birth control becomes free, why shouldn't every form of medication with positive side effects be free? The medical industry would collapse, and money would be lost. There is also no guarantee that free birth control won't be taken advantage of, taking away from those who would actually benefit from this.



[P1] Birth control allows women to live a healthier life. [P2] Healthier people contribute more to society. [P3] Making birth control free would help make society more productive.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] It is not fair to make birth control free.


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