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Has the body positivity movement accomplished anything?
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The body positivity movement has divided people

Misunderstandings about the goals body positivity activists work towards leads to possible allies to turn against the movement.
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The Argument

When Adele's weight loss hit the news, suddenly everyone had an opinion on the matter. Headlines shouted how good she looks now, but some within the body positive community saw this change in a different light. Among these were comments that they could no longer relate to the singer-songwriter[1]. The body positivity movement is one which attempts to create a safe space for everyone to feel accepted. Yet, judging others by their weight, or the steps they take to find what's right for them, either by gaining or losing weight, should go against the very principles they are fighting for. The core of the movement is certainly well-meaning, but there are people who use it as a platform to exclude others who maybe can't relate to the experiences they may have gone through, either because they are seen as "not fat enough" or more conventionally beautiful. This movement should be for everyone, and excluding people only minimizes the outreach and value of body positivity.

Counter arguments

The core of the movement still helps people worldwide in accepting themselves. Body positivity is a growing movement and it has had a visible positive impact on media and the advertising industry. It has a long way to go, but it is headed in the right direction.


Rejecting the premises


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