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What are the responses to the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh?
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Brett Kavanaugh wasn't even there

Brett Kavanaugh couldn't have done the alleged assault. He didn't attend the party.


On Monday, September 17th, during a CNN interview, Brett Kavanaugh’s supporters denied Kavanaugh had even attended the party during which he allegedly attacked Blasey Ford.[1]

The Argument

Senator Orrin Hatch first made the argument. She told CNN, “I talked to [Kavanaugh] on the phone today… he didn’t do that, and he wasn’t at the party. So, you know, clearly somebody’s mixed up”.[2] Kathleen Parker took the argument even further in an op-ed for the Washington Post. She suggested that there was a “Kavanaugh doppelganger” who attacked Ford that night. She wrote, “given the high regard Kavanaugh has been held throughout his life, including during high school, it would make the most sense”.[3] In a tweet storm, Ed Whelen, the President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, named the person he believed was the real culprit. He revealed floor plans of a house in which he suspected the assault took place and posted a picture of a middle-school teacher who had attended high school with Kavanaugh. Whelen believes this man was responsible for the assault and Ford mistook him for Kavanaugh because of their physical resemblance.[4]

Counter arguments

The Washington Post shut down the “I wasn’t even there” denial fairly quickly when it pointed out that Christine Blasey Ford didn’t specify the date or location of the alleged attack.[5] How does Kavanaugh know he wasn't at the party if he doesn't know when or where the party was?



Kavanaugh couldn’t have committed the assault on Christine Blasey Ford, he wasn’t even at the party.

Rejecting the premises

Christine Blasey Ford did not reveal the date or location of the party. How does Kavanaugh know he was not there?


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