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What was Italy's Immigration Debate in 2018 about?
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Christianity emphasizes showing love and hospitality towards strangers

"I was a stranger and ye took me in" (ending of Matthew 25:35) This verse emphasizes the essence of the New Testament which is to express love and care for all people. The largely Catholic Italian population believes that the government must take measures to welcome immigrants and provide them opportunities.


During his pontificate, Pope Francis repeatedly criticised the anti-immigration policies operated by many foreign governments. This created a fracture among the Italian Catholics, since many of them are also strong supporters of Matteo Salvini.

The Argument

Although being clear about the fact that immigration must be handled wisely, Pope Francis and his supporters reject the distinction between "clandestine" and "legal immigrant". The Pope claims that all the countries in the world should cooperate to deal with this issue, fighting the fear of diversity and looking at humankind as a single family and that economic operators should start thinking about those who flee from misery and hunger and invest in their countries. By doing so, immigration could become a chance of mutual growth for everyone. The value of hospitality is praised by many Biblical verses, and its practical application should include caring for every person who comes at our doors.

Counter arguments

Critics of this Argument often point out that such talks often lack of a practical application.



The Bible teaches us to practice hospitality

Rejecting the premises

It's a utopian idea


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