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How does the Northern Artistic Renaissance differ from the Italian Artistic Renaissance?
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Mathematical techniques advanced for perspective and measuring

The use of measuring and realistic vanishing points became more important in the Italian Art Renaissance. Italian artists interpreted space before they placed figures into the painting, instead of building the space around figures. Artists used linear perspective to measure accurate depth.

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Renaissance artists in Italy focused on mathematic equations and realism to create proportion and depth in their paintings. Linear perspective was most commonly used. Linear perspective is when all of the figures and objects in a painting can be traced back to one vanishing point with straight lines. [1] Italian artists drew these lines for the viewer. [2] The floor of the painting would be decorated with tiles or designs that would disappear at the vanishing point to help the viewer see depth better. [3] The rise of humanism in Renaissance Italy also made the application of mathematical perspective more popular. Artists wanted to portray realistic and secular scenes while using science and modern applications. [4] Artists revamped and reintroduced Ancient Greek and Roman paintings with their modern science.

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