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What are the pros and cons of vaping?
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Vaping is bad

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Vaping is a threat to young people

With the rapid increase in e-cigarettes, teens who have not even smoked before turn towards vaping. E-cigarettes are battery-operated, cheap, and can be smoked indoors, making their use convenient. Vaping is turning into a trend for young people rather than an alternative for smokers.

The Argument

Due to the surge in e-cigarette advertising, nearly 80% of middle and high school students were exposed to vaping. It is now the most common form of nicotine intake amongst teens. [1] When younger people start vaping, they are more likely to develop an addiction to nicotine, which can be harmful to their bodies. The rise in candy-like flavors and the nicely packaged e-cigarettes are marketed towards a younger audience susceptible to buying them. The low cost of the products and accessibility of smoke or vape shops makes it convenient for teens to buy them. In 2015, about 200 children a month were reported to poison control hotlines because of e-cigarettes. [2] In 2019 in Wisconsin, at least a dozen people were hospitalized and treated for severe lung damage. The number of cases has been growing from teenagers to adults in their 30s. However, teenagers have been having the most damage in their lungs.[3] Unlike cigarettes, vaping doesn't take long to damage the body. Some teenagers have had their lungs collapsed a short period after they started smoking e-cigarettes, which signals experts of the fast damage they can have on youth.

Counter arguments

Although e-cigarettes do tend to harm the body, cigarettes are the main cause of why they exist in the first place. With the correct regulation of cigarettes, e-cigarettes products can be controlled as well. E-cigarettes are not threatening as they are an alternative for smokers, but it is the way they are marketed and advertised, which increases their usability amongst young people. Corporations should be careful in selling their products rather than shifting the blame on teenagers who are unaware of the impact vaping can have on their bodies. False advertisements have increased the vaping industry sales and affected the youth, but the right kind of awareness in classrooms and communities can reverse the damage. There should a strict age limit set in places where e-cigarettes are sold for safety regulation.



Rejecting the premises


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