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Is Marvel or DC better?
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DC is better

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The DC universe depicts more godlike, superhuman heroes

Many of the heroes from the DC universe have godlike powers. In fact, fans and scholars alike have made the comparison between DC heroes and the mythical gods of old.
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The Argument

Simply put, DC's characters are gods. Some are literal gods, or descended from gods - like Wonder Woman, Amazon princess and daughter of Zeus.[1] Others are godlike in the scope of their power. The most obvious example is Superman, who possesses almost every superpower in the book, from flight to super speed, to super strength, to invincibility, and so much more. Of course, with godlike heroes must come godlike villains. One of Wonder Woman's enemies is Ares, the Greek god of war himself, as seen in the Wonder Woman movie. And one of the most iconic DC villains is Darkseid, an immortal New God that can manipulate time, space, life, and reality itself.[2] DC boasts other divine entities in addition, such as Morpheus, the god of dreams; Lucifer Morningstar, the rebel angel; and the Presence, an omniscient, omnipotent being who oversees all of creation.[3] Marvel has some great characters, but they're simply not on the same level as those of DC. Spider-Man is a fan-favorite, but he's nowhere near Superman's might. Thanos made waves on screen, but he would lose handily in a fight with Darkseid. These and many more examples show how the godlike heroes of DC trump the run-of-the-mill heroes of Marvel in every way.

Counter arguments

Marvel boasts an iconic lineup of deities as well, from Asgardian princes Thor and Loki, to the planet-eating Galactus, to the embodiment of Death herself. So DC's cast isn't unique in terms of raw power or scale. Furthermore, being more powerful or godlike does not make DC's characters better entertainment-wise. In fact, the opposite could easily be true. A large part of how popular heroes are with audiences is how relatable they are. But what is so relatable about a nigh-on invincible alien? Such a being with unlimited power is nevertheless limited in how much their story can speak to the experience of an average person and their daily struggles.



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