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Should the police be defunded?
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Give more funds to public services that might mitigate violence

Reducing the role of police in society could replace them with a system that is filled with people and organizations that have the ultimate goal of justice through peace.

The Argument

There is a need for a system that does not use violence and brutality to respond to protests or insurrection. The defunding of the police would reallocate the funds to other public services like job training, counseling, and violence prevention programs. For example, instead of having a police presence in schools, those funds should be redirected to school counselors instead.[1] The Los Angeles budget, for instance, provides the police $3.14 billion out of the city's $10.5 billion. Compared with the large LAPD budget, spending on municipal programs such as economic growth ($30 million) and housing ($81 million) falls short.[1] Even shrinking a small part could make a big difference in the investment into nonpunitive programs that benefit public safety and health such as homeless services, health programs, housing, and job programs.[1]

Counter arguments

Starting a defunded program is not the answer. Defunding the police would only prevent the funding of programs that could slowly change the methods of violence with police. These programs include implementation of guardian-oriented policing, policy and oversight, crisis intervention training, community policing, police-community engagement efforts, collaborative partnerships with mental-health and social-service agencies, and increased women and minorities in law enforcement.[2]



Rejecting the premises


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