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Should exotic animals be pets?
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Exotic animals are dangerous to their owners and others

There are reports of exotic animals attacking their owners or escaping into the community.

The Argument

Owning an exotic animal is extremely dangerous to the owner and others that live with or near them. If the animals were to escape, it poses a risk for everyone in the surrounding area until it is captured or killed. The bigger the animal, the more difficult it becomes to control, and therefore more likely to attack. Exotic animals have wild instincts and are not mentally able to handle living around humans in an enclosed space. In Connecticut, a woman's chimpanzee mauled her friend, ripping her face off. The chimp's owner was unable to calm him and lure him back into her house. After the attack, he was shot and killed by police.[1] In the UK, a man died in his apartment after being bitten by his seven Nile monitor lizards and then was eaten by them. The bacteria in their saliva poisoned him until he died.[2] In Ohio, a man released over fifty animals from their enclosures because he couldn't afford to care for them anymore. Almost all of the animals were killed by law enforcement to protect people living nearby.[3] All of these examples demonstrate that owning an exotic animal is not just like having any other pet - it poses considerable danger to the people around them.

Counter arguments

Exotic animals only become dangerous if their owners don't have the tools and ability to control them. Many exotic pet owners are able to raise an animal for its entire life without major incidents. If the owner knows how to properly care for their exotic pet, then it will not pose a risk to others. Therefore, it's fine for exotic animals to be pets.



[P1] Owning an exotic animal is dangerous. [P2] Big exotic animals are difficult to control. [P3] Exotic animals commonly attack their owners. [P4] Therefore, exotic animals should not be pets.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Owning an exotic animal doesn't have to be dangerous.


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