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What do we know about Sigmund Freud's theories?
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Freud’s beliefs are grounded in sexism and uphold misogyny

Freud focused on the male perspective in his psychological studies, dismissing women as both inferior and amoral by nature. According to Freud, men have the opportunity to heal from their troubles, while women need a man to guide them at all times.
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Freud was a legendary misogynist. Whilst he believed that homosexuality in men is neurotic but not particularly problematic, lesbianism, however, he considered a gateway to mental illness. His beliefs went like this: only men have moral sense. We all evolve from apes, so no human is born with it. But boys acquire morality through the castration complex - the fear that their fathers will emasculate them for their misbehaviour. Girls and women are essentially amoral, lying and conniving to get what they want. They must be guided through life by a father or husband. And because they choose not to marry, lesbians remain loose cannons, fundamentally untrustworthy and unstable.[1] Freud has been widely critiqued for his almost exclusive focus on men and for what some perceive as a condescension toward women; for example, Horney disagreed with the Freudian’s bizarre idea that girls have “penis envy”: instead,any jealousy is likely due to male privilege.[2][3]

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[P1] Freud's beliefs were intensely misogynist, especially when it comes to lesbianism.

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