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Are GMOs good or bad?
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GMOs have been proven safe

GMOs have received more testing than any other food and have been found to be safe. There have also been no related health issues found over the decades that people have been consuming them. GMOs have been proven safe for people to eat.

The Argument

GMOs have been proven safe through extensive research and decades of consumption. GMOs have been tested more than any other food. Over the last 30 years, there has been no evidence that GMOs are harmful to people.[1] The safety of GMOs is widely agreed upon by the scientific community, with more than 275 global science organization coming to the same conclusion that GMOs are as safe as non-GMOs.[2] A common argument used to undermine the safety of GMOs is that the testing hasn’t been long enough. However, the public has been consuming GMOs since the 1990s, which provides a far long enough time period to observe any health problems. These problems have not been seen. In fact, there have also been no reported health issues related to people eating GMO foods. There has also been analysis to make sure that GMOs are not leading to higher rates of already occurring illnesses (such as cancer, kidney disease, and allergies). Countries that widely consumed GMO foods (such as the U.S. and Canada) were compared to places where GMOs had not been as widely consumed (such as the United Kingdom and Western Europe). No differences amongst health problems between these countries were found.[3] GMOs have been extensively tested and analyzed (far more than the other foods we eat) and have been found safe.

Counter arguments

The consensus amongst the scientific community has been exaggerated. The tests on GMOs have resulted in data that is not clear. Analysis of the research has resulted in different conclusions.[4] Also, these tests have not been thorough enough because they have not studied long-term effects.



[P1] GMOs have received extensive research. [P2] GMOs have been consumed for decades without causing health issues. [P3] GMOs have been found safe to consume.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] The research hasn't been long term. [Rejecting P3] Different conclusions have been reached.


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