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Does homeopathy work?
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“Nano-doses” adhere to each patient

Conventional medicine today simply uses drugs to temporarily suppress symptoms of illness, while homeopathy provides much smaller doses of extremely specified remedies to heal patients.

The Argument

Conventional modern medicine simply uses drugs to temporarily suppress symptoms of disease or infection like fever or headache, while homeopathy utilizes a different approach entirely. Just as modern medicine uses parts of the illness itself to help the body fight it off, creating antibodies and resistance over time, homeopathy uses very small "nano-doses" of a similar affliction found in plants or animals. These "nano-doses" of the original medicine are distilled in water, because "it is highly purified, enabling the medicinal substance to solely infiltrate and imprint the water...It is inaccurate to say that homeopathic medicines are extremely diluted; they are extremely 'potentized.' 'Potentization' refers to the specific process of sequential dilution with vigorous shaking."[1] Water contains a bevy of scientific benefits in "potentizing" medicine and ensuring the highest quality of care possible straight from the natural world. Unlike conventional drugs, the dilution and potentization of medicine heals the body wholly, not temporarily.

Counter arguments

The idea that medicine being diluted in water several hundred times somehow makes it more potent or wholesome for the body is complete nonsense. This idea has been disproven time and time again by the legitimate scientific community. [2] The actual medical world knows that this is not how dosage really works, and that the potency of a drug does not depend on the level at which it is dispersed through water. Also, taking something from nature to cure an illness that, too, causes those same symptoms in humans, is not based in reality or circumstantial evidence at all. Treating "like with like" is an outdated form of treatment that humans used before the invention of things like modern hospitals and doctoral, science-based medical practices.



[P1] Most modern drugs simply treat symptoms temporarily and suppress them without actually curing the person of their illness. [P2] Homeopathy uses "nano-doses" to dilute and potentize similar medicine in nature to wholly heal and cure the body, using water as an effective medium between the body and the natural world. [P3] Homeopathy should be encouraged for complete healing.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] There is a definite reason that the scientific community has completed refuted any ides of potentizing a medicine through the repeated dilution of it in water. There is no basis for homeopathy in fact whatsoever. [Rejecting P3] Homeopathy should not be encouraged in the modern age.


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