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Should high school athletes be drug tested?
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It helps make schools safer environments

Schools have a responsibility to make sure all of their students are in an environment that is safe, secure, and conducive to learning. Student-athletes who may be taking drugs will ultimately disrupt this safe learning environment.

The Argument

High school athletes should be drug tested because testing will help make schools safer environments. Schools are the homes of students typically for seven hours a day and five days a week. Schools should do everything they can to make sure their collective student body is attending classes in a safe and protected environment. Supreme Court Justices like Clarence Thomas believe that a public school environment is one where the State is responsible for maintaining discipline, health, and safety.[1] Thus, schools should enforce and implement drug testing policies on their student-athletes. Drugs not only affect a student’s ability to learn but also disrupt the teaching environment, affecting students and instructors as well.[2] If high school athletes, those most susceptible to drug use, are tested at school, they will be less likely to use and misuse drugs. Drug testing will lead to more conducive and safer environments for learning for all students.

Counter arguments

Drug testing of high school athletes should not occur; it will not lead to safer school environments. Drug testing might actually make students feel less safe and less trusting towards their instructors and school mentors.[3] High school athletes who get drug tested at the demands of their school coaches may become warier and guarded around their coaches, people who are supposed to build trust and make their players feel safe and secure. The constant threat of invasion of privacy and violation of personal space accompanies the drug testing of high school athletes. Instead of making students feel safer, it will make students anxious, stressed, and untrusting of their school environment. Drug testing high school students will not lead to a safer climate within schools.



Rejecting the premises


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