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Should colleges end legacy admissions?
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It would jeopardize financial support

The legacy preference is needed for fundraising. Alumni offer generous support to their alma mater. Financial support is essential for colleges and universities to retain their positions as leading institutions and legacy preferences make alumni more willing to give.

The Argument

Colleges should not put an end to legacy admissions, doing so would jeopardize their financial stability. Colleges depend on alumni to donate money and financially support their institutions in all aspects. Often institutions that implement legacy admissions are leading institutions of higher learning. They excel in things such as research, sports, and other extracurricular programs that set them apart from other colleges and universities. Alumni offer generous support to their alma mater so that they can retain their positions as leading institutions. [1] Giving preferences to legacies ensures that wealthy alumni will continue to stay engaged and as connected as possible with their alma mater. When alumni have children who also gain admissions to the same school, these alumni are more inclined to donate money and other assets to support and help their alma matters.[2] Support from alumni is essential for schools that offer legacies admissions to retain their standings as prominent leaders than can offer only the very best to their students

Counter arguments

Colleges should put an end to legacy admissions because admitting children of alumni does not lead to increased alumni donations. A study of alumni giving at 100 top universities (using the U.S. News ranking), published in Richard Kahlenberg’s book Affirmative Action for the Rich, found “no statistically significant evidence that legacy preferences impact total alumni giving”.[3] Colleges have defended the legacy preference by saying it’s necessary for fundraising, but have no evidence to show that getting rid of legacy admissions would decrease the financial support they get from alumni.



Rejecting the premises


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