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Are Jews white?
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Jews are objectively white

At its most essential, whiteness is about the colour of one's skin. Irrespective of arguments around systemic inequalities, it is an objective fact that many Jews have white skin and are therefore white.


Jewish racial identity has always been a multifaceted issue. The intersectionality of race and religion of the Jewish demographic poses a challenging means of racial designation. Regardless, most Jews are objectively light-skinned, an observation that motivates the argument that Jews are white. [1]

The Argument

Ashkenazi Jews, those who have descended from Eurocentric roots, represent the dominant culture in Jewish communities in America, Europe, and Israel. Although Jews come from a vast number of heritages including Arabic, Spanish, African, and South-Asian lineages, Jews with European descents hold the most representational power. Because of their Eurocentric lineages, jews are objectively light-skinned and considered white. [2] Maurice Fishberg conducted a study to examine the phenotypes that Jews exhibit. His 1903 study recorded the colors of skin, hair, and eyes of over 2,000 Jews over the age of 20 in New York City. Fishberg recorded an overwhelming majority of 77.36 percent of Jews exhibiting light skin. As this study dates over a hundred years ago, the findings that the majority of Jews are light-skinned has developed into the perspective that Jews simply are white. [3] Even United States law considered Jews as objectively white. According to the Naturalization Act of 1790, Jews had the right to citizenship as they were among the “free white persons.” As time progressed, Jews were deemed as “Caucasian” due to their distinctive light skin. [1] Evident in both a research study and American history, Jews have been known to be objectively white, therefore making the argument that Jews are white.

Counter arguments

Light-skinned Jews, due to their white privilege, have held the power of defining Jewish culture. They have set the precedent that Jews are objectively white, when in reality Jews of color represent the majority in the world. As the majority of the world's Jewish population is not objectively white, Jews should not be considered white. [2]



Rejecting the premises


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