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Is the dating ban for Korean idols in the K-Pop industry fair?
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K-Pop idols should do what they want

K-pop idols are all human beings who are caught in an industry that is designed to treat them like corporate marketing tools in every aspect of their lives. K-pop stars should at least have the freedom to date anyone they would like to, otherwise, it is unfair and a restriction on their rights.
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K-pop idols are not allowed and not expected to date, especially when they are training, or few years after their debut. For example, YG forbids dating among YG trainees and did not allow 2NE1 to date whilst they were debuting. This is possibly because they do not wish to upset fans. Some trainees can get kicked out if they are found dating.

The Argument

By claiming that K-Pop idols should not be allowed to date, we are suggesting that they are less than human, undermining their status as fellow human beings, and thus, disregarding their basic human rights. Just because some fans fantasize about idols and make the choice to follow them, does not mean that these fans have the right to control their lives. Idols are going to take into consideration the fact that many fans would be disappointed if their idols started dating, and perhaps even turn away. However, that is still the idol’s choice to make. They do not belong to the public, they belong to themselves.[1] Before anything, idols are human. They breathe, live and eat, and they have a right to relationships too. They do not have a ‘right’ to satisfy fan’s fantasies. Furthermore, just because they choose to date someone, does not mean they do not care about their fans. If an idol can love their mother, and their boyfriend/girlfriend at the same time, why can’t they also love their fans? They should not be expected to be single forever. It is unfair to restrict the rights of the idols to date, just to satisfy the fantasies of their fans.

Counter arguments

Whilst it may appear unfair to ban idols from dating, we have seen what happens when they start relationships. Their fans get angry, spread hate towards the person the idol is dating, and even go as far as to cyberbully. When Lee Sung-min announced that he was engaged to the woman he loved, the fans expressed their fury, and even claimed that he was no longer loyal to his group, Super Junior. At the end of the day, a K-Pop idol position is a job, and jobs revolve around working for money. Although the life of a K-Pop idol is an unusual one, this does not negate the fact that this is a job. And, like any other job, you must have an image, a professional and regulated one.


[P1] A dating ban is a restriction on the rights of a K-Pop idol, and is controlling and manipulative. [P2' Therefore, a dating ban for K-Pop idols is unfair.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Fans alienate the idols who are in relationships, so for the continued success of the idols, a dating ban must be implemented.


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