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What is knowledge?
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Knowledge comes from the application of the PSR

The principle of sufficient reason (or PSR) is the claim “that there must be an explanation for (a) the existence of any being and (b) any positive fact whatsoever” William Leonard Rowe. It is through the application of this principle that we can learn more about the world.
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The Argument

The PSR or the principle of sufficient reason is the corner stone of rationalist philosophy. It is the belif that for any thing that exists their is a reason. Having perhaps been most rigorously applied by Leibniz and Spinoza, when applied properly, and used with other logical tools, the PSR allows a philosopher to construct a logical proof that is disconnected from sense data. As such the conclusions of these proofs can be considered to be true knowledge. This exists in contrast to scientific knowledge witch is always in some way reliant on sense data.

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