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Should there be mandatory national service?
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Mandatory service keeps the country safe

Mandatory national service ensures there is never a shortage of people to keep the nation safe. Mandatory service requirements maintain stability in the safety of the nation.

The Argument

Mandatory national service ensures a steady stream of citizens protecting and serving the nation. This keeps the nation safe in times of crisis and keeps threats at bay. [1]If the national services were to have shortages, other nations could view that as a weakness and cause war or conflict. Keeping national services well stocked with citizens ensures the safety of the nation. [1] The aspect of shared experiences and patriotism that mandatory national service provides also keeps the country safe from internal strife and civil war. [2] Mandatory service instills responsibility and maturity in citizens, [3] which would also help keep the country safe and thriving. Mandatory national service promotes a love for the country and appreciation for what it offers. [4] Mandatory service keeps the country safe by supplying the nation with citizens for a fast and effective response to military threats. It also prevents internal conflict and civil war. Lastly, mandatory national service creates bonds between citizens and a nationwide sense of respect and maturity that would keep the country thriving.

Counter arguments

Mandatory service puts countless lives at risk without rhyme or reason. Young people are the future of the country and putting them at risk for mandatory national service is senseless and not smart for the long term. The risks for mandatory national service requirements do not outweigh the benefits.



Rejecting the premises


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