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Is the Met Gala distasteful?
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The Met Gala allows designers to display their best work without limitation

The Met Gala is an opportunity for designers to showcase their often breathtaking work. Given the massive media coverage the event receives, this is widely considered one of the biggest days of fashion each year.

The Argument

The Met Gala provides a way for talented designers regardless of popularity to display their work. Given the international attention that the Met Gala receives, being able to showcase one’s work at such a lofty event is no doubt an indicator of an already successful or soon-to-be successful career. For already well-known designers, the Met Gala is likely an annual recurrence, but still no less significant. The Met Gala is a rare and unique opportunity for the designers’ work to be the center of attention. The night celebrates fashion as art and allows designers to create as they wish without concern for financial ramifications (contrary to seasonal lines where the designs and clothes ought to be profitable). In addition, the Met Gala is an indication of success as an artist in a field where there may be little to no other affirmations of one’s talent. Moreover, the highly publicized event is an invaluable boon to a talented beginner or little-known designer’s career. Where much talent may otherwise go unnoticed or undiscovered, the Met Gala affords an opportunity for designers in the early stages of their career to display their work to the world.

Counter arguments

While the Met Gala may allow certain designers to shine, it often leaves out or fails to include many talented designers who have not reached the same level of acclaim. Moreover, the designers themselves, save the most popular two or three, are often left out of media coverage entirely; the celebrities wearing the beautiful designs are the center of attention. In this way, there are surely better ways for designers to showcase their work such as New York Fashion Week or other fashion weeks or even merely on social media.



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