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Are individual opinions of value?
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Opinions create different views on life

Cultural sensitivity and understanding of others differences benefits society.

The Argument

Opinions create different worldviews. Since everyone grows up differently, everyone has different views of the world. Being aware of personal worldviews will make anyone sensitive to different world views.[1] It makes people more sensitive to others and accepting of their differences.

Counter arguments

Some worldviews are morally wrong and shouldn’t exist. In the middle east, women are treated as second class citizens. They can be put to death by their husbands without cause.[2] The same goes for people in Africa. Although child marriage is outlawed, small rural villages still practice it out of tradition.[3]



[P1] Opinions create worldviews. [P2] Different worldviews are related to how people grow up. [P3] It’s good to be sensitive to everyone else’s worldviews.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] Not all worldviews deserve to be respected.


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