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Can all philosophy questions be answered?
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Philosophy is an academic study made for everyone to understand wholly

Academic versions of different fields of study is meant to help people understand it better. People go to primary school, secondary school, and college to learn about these subjects. Philosophy, in academic form, can be understood by everyone.


Academic studies are used to help people understand how the world and society works. Science became an academic study when William Whewell wrote “History of the Inductive Sciences” in 1837. Philosophy on the other hand has been very dynamic throughout history. It’s constantly refined to be available for students.

The Argument

Academic studies are a great way to learn something new. Young children learn the basics of math, science, and history. In college, adults learn about things to help them get a specific career. Because the studies they’re learning are so broad, learning it as an academic study makes it easier to understand. In the classroom, teachers must teach individuals what they’ve learned in their career. The teachers were taught in the same manner. When a study is made into a class, its more condensed and important information is presented to the students in an easy-to-understand way. Because philosophy is an academic study, it also becomes easier to understand. Once students master philosophy in school, they’ll become philosophical experts in no time. If philosophy wasn’t an academic study, then people wouldn’t be able to understand it. When people can’t understand something, they will have questions about it. But, condensing philosophy can provide answers to all its questions, because the more people who understand it, the more number of questions will find answers.

Counter arguments

Academic studies were made for students to learn about the field of study they emulate. However, not everyone can learn these academic studies. In fact, students struggle in different academic studies every semester.[1] Students must get tutors and extra help to study for topics that they’re not good in. Philosophy is no different. The academic study of philosophy is condensed so that students can understand it. However, it doesn’t mean everyone is guaranteed to understand it. Philosophy has hard concepts to understand. It’s just like any other topic of study. Even condensed philosophy has questions that won’t be answered. Questions such as “What is the meaning of life?” or “Does reality extend into other dimensions?”. They’re in a philosophy class. But they can’t be universally answered. Philosophy doesn’t have these answers.



[P1] Academics were made for everyone to understand. [P2] Philosophy can be understood by everyone. [P3] All philosophical questions can be answered.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Not everyone can understand academic topics. [Rejecting P2] Philosophy is hard for some people to understand. [Rejecting P3] Not all philosophical questions can be answered.


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