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Do cell phones cause cancer?
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Physics says cell phones do not cause cancer

The radiation emitted by cell phones is too low-energy to cause cancer.
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The Argument

Fundamental radiation physics refutes the notion that cell phones could cause cancer. Cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation in the radiofrequency range, which is non-ionizing and therefore irrelevant to the biophysical mechanisms by which radiation induces cancer. Ionizing radiation can cause cancer because it provides sufficient energy to break interatomic bonds and generate ions, which can damage important biomolecular structures such as DNA, leading to the development of tumors. Non-ionizing radiation (such as that emitted by cell phones) can still be absorbed by the body, but does not provide enough energy to cause the kind of damage that leads to cancer.

Counter arguments


[P1] Cell phones have too low a radiation level to cause cancer.

Rejecting the premises


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