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Do we need manned space flights?
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Probability of a space expedition failure is too high

A vast number of drone expeditions failed with the destruction of the spacecraft
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There have been already several failures on drone missions. A manned mission is way more complex and consequently the risks

The Argument

By considering the drone missions there have been quite a few failures which caused the destruction of the spacecraft. Even successful missions (such as Voyager) experienced some technical failures/issues which luckily still allows to accomplish most if not all mission objectives. However since failures n this case does not imply loss of human lives, the level of acceptable risks is higher. A human mission is more complex since it involves a life-maintain system that should ensure safety of the crew.Therefore the risks of a failure are higher. Also no human mission can be considered successful unless astronauta are able to successfully return to Earth; so far all drone missions have been one-way

Counter arguments

High risks have already been taken in previous mission. It is estmated that Apollo missions had an estimate 50% of failure that might have resulted in fatalities. Even in past centuries explorers take even more risks; in expedition like Magellan's circum-navaigation only a small number of original crew survived the trip. Desire to explore make people accept enormous risks


Rejecting the premises


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