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Should anime be adapted into live-action films?
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The purpose of live-action adaptations is just to make a quick, easy buck

There is no real artistic merit to a live-action animation, other than cheap fanservice. Film studios don't see or appreciate the story or medium for what it truly is; they only recognize the growing popularity of anime and see an opportunity to milk easy money out of fans.

The Argument

What exactly is the purpose of a live-action adaptation? It doesn't add anything new to the story. In fact, the driving factor behind these movies isn't some artistic film-making desire. These movies are actually just cash grabs, aimed at exploiting fans of an anime to take their money. For proof, look at Disney's live-action adaptations. With very few exceptions, they've been either lackluster or just plain bad. They do nothing new with the source material they've been given, and indeed sometimes make it worse. Fans accuse the company of merely making these films as easy ways to prey on nostalgia and rake in cash. There is no real artistic merit to them, just trying to make money of the same thing in a different skin.[1] The same principle applies to anime live-action movies. Studios know the popularity of certain anime. They target their fandoms and sell them an adaptation. In reality, they're not making something new, but rather finding a new way to make money from an old source.

Counter arguments

It's overly cynical to say that adaptations are just cash grabs. Yes, they're intended to make money--all movies are--but they also allow for genuine creative output by re-imagining familiar stories in new settings. Even though the article cited refers to criticisms of Disney's films, it also shows people, particularly those who worked on the films, who appreciate the art and the creative process that went into them.



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