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Who is the greatest cellist of all time?
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Leonard Rose was the principal cellist of two of the world's greatest orchestras

At just 21 and 26, he was the principal cellist of the Cleveland Orchestra and New York Philharmonic. Being trusted with such a responsibility at a very young age is a spectacular achievement.

The Argument

Leonard Rose achieved remarkable ambitions before the age of 30. He first joined the NBC Symphony Orchestra at the age of 18. At 21, Rose joined one of the most prestigious symphonies, the Cleveland Orchestra. He joined as the principal cellist. Rose’s ability to join a symphony in this position at such a young age shows his extraordinary talent as a musician. Rose’s talent led him beyond the Cleveland Orchestra to the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. Rose was given the honor of being the principal cellist at the orchestra. Due to his skill, Rose performed as the soloist in the orchestra 18 times.[1] Rose’s ability to join two of the world’s greatest orchestras proves that he is the greatest cellist of all time. Rose’s contributions to the orchestras went beyond his ability as a principal cellist. After pursuing a solo career as a cellist, Rose also taught a number of proteges that joined both the Cleveland Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. This led to six cellists in the Cleveland Orchestra and five in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra at the same time. [1]Rose’s ability to join these orchestras and teach musicians that meet the same standards shows his unparalleled talent as a musician. Therefore, Rose is the greatest cellist of all time.

Counter arguments

There have been many cellists throughout the years that have joined the same orchestras that Rose was a part of. Some musicians have joined these orchestras at a younger age than 26 and 21. Therefore, the age that Rose joined these orchestras does not prove his ability as the greatest cellist of all time. Additionally, it is not uncommon for a musician to become a teacher, especially after their experience in an orchestra. As a talented musician, it is no surprise that Rose could teach cellists his skills. This means that Rose is not any more talented than other cellists that have played in orchestras and then go on to teaching at music academies later in their life.



[P1] The best musicians are a part of orchestras. [P2] Leonard Rose was the principal cellist for the best orchestras. [P3] Therefore, Rose was the greatest cellist of all time.

Rejecting the premises


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