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Was Severus Snape a hero?
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Snape saved Harry in the Quidditch Match in The Philosopher's Stone.

When Quirrell was trying to make Harry Potter fall off his broom in The Philosophers Stone, Snape tried to use a counter-curse to stop Quirrell. Hermione and Ron thought at the time that it was Snape trying to curse Harry.
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Severus snape saved Harry Potter's life more times than just in the Philosopher's stone! At that quidditch match, Quirrell jinxed his broom to try to knock Harry off and kill him - but Snape - whom was suspicous of Quirrell from the start - noticed and was muttering a counter - curse in order to save his life. Dumbledor later tells Harry that Snape did this too repay Harry's father(James Potter) from an incedent when they were kids. But something tells me that should be knowllegable to plently - Severus didn't just save Harry because he loved Harry's mother(Lily Potter/Evans) - but because he himself cares for Harry more than he shows it. I'm sure part of the reason Snape did this was to bust Quirrell but I'm sure that's not the whole story. Part of it may have been when Dumbldor told Snape to keep watch of Quirrell(which is shown in 'The deathlly Hallows') but part of it may have been because Snape was keeping watch over Harry not on Dumbledors orders. After this whole incident Snape also shoses to referee the next match so that Quirrell doesn't try it again. In 'The prisanor of Azkaban' you find out how Reamus Lupin was a werewolf and the night that the three kids watched his transformation, there was a small part that Snape played that most did not notice. When Siris Black was holding off Lupin, Snape had been sheilding the kids from the werewolf. Hermine, Ron, and Harry were all shelterd behind Snape. In doing this, Snape cast his life between them in order to protect them. Something the three of them didn't notice on how Severus truely cares - weather he shows it or not. Something that really holds a grudge agaist this argument is how Snape USED to be a Death Eater. After Lily Potter's life was threatened by Lord Voldermont(a.k.a. Tom Riddle), Severus came crying to Dumbledor begging him to spare her life willing to give anything in exchange showing how much he loved her. And no villain in any story would have a heart what so ever. Another thing that people hate Snape for is how he killed Dumbledor. But as you find out in the deathy hallow, Snape did this on Dumbledor's orders. Also - when the time came that Dumbledor wanted himt to kill him so Draco Malfoy didn't have to be broken by this - Snape hesitated when saying the death curse he cast upon Dumbledor. Showing how this was not what he wished. So someone please tell me again WHY Snape is a villain here? You haters won't win this argument!

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so this wasn't the first time he saved his life!

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