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Are social networking sites good for society?
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Social networking sites are useful recruitment tools

The creation of professional social networking sites such as LinkedIn has revitalized how companies recruit new employees and how people seek out new opportunities.

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Social media platforms have ushered in new ways of communicating on a global scale, which goes beyond maintaining and developing personal relationships. Social networking sites, such as LinkedIn and Instagram, are being used by recruiters to not only market and promote their respective companies but also to seek out potential employees. According to a 2018 study carried out by Jobvite, 77% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates, and the next highest-ranking social networking sites was Facebook. What’s more, Instagram is increasing in popularity as 1 in 4 recruiters who intend to reach a younger audience and those who work in the technology sector actively use the platform. [1] Given that these social platforms aid workers in obtaining employment, they also can help to make the labour market more efficient. They not only allow job-seekers to easily find available roles, and employers to find interested candidates, but also increase the available pool of information about one another from which both parties can benefit.

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