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Should we boycott Facebook because of Cambridge Analytica?
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We need a new kind of social network, with a new kind of business model.
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Facebook and its associates (such as Instagram) are a de-facto monopoly in terms of social network. Creating a competition can help

The Argument

Social media (such as Diaspora [1]) exist with a different approach where is the user not the social media decide the content shown to user. Most alternative social media exploit the concept of "federation": the social network is a federation of several nodes physically and geograpgically separated.. In this way no censorship can be exercised by a single entity since a content can be replicated on several nodes.

Counter arguments

Such social network had very little diffusion since "everybody is already on the main social network". Person who pursue a specific interest, economical or political, must have their presence on Facebook.


Rejecting the premises


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