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Where is the City of Troy?
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The Trojan horse ambush did not happen

There is no evidence to suggest that the Greeks actually ambushed the Trojans using a giant wooden horse.


The story of the Trojan Horse is mentioned in both Virgil's Aeneid and Homer's Odyssey. It claims that the Greeks built a large wooden horse and hid inside it, and then offered it to the Trojans as a gift. The Trojans accepted the horse as a victory trophy and led it through the city gates. At night, the Greeks climbed out of the horse and destroyed the city of Troy.

The Argument

In the Warner Brothers movie titled 'Troy', we see the Greeks using a huge wooden horse to ambush the city of Troy. As a result, the horse is an image that most of us are familiar with when we think about the Trojan War. However, there is no actual evidence to suggest that there was a Trojan Horse ambush, which indicates that there are many fictitious stories surrounding the war and the city. There are no historical accounts of this ambush at all - the Odyssey is an epic poem filled with mythology, and the Aeneid is a fictional story that the emperor Augustus used as propaganda to connect Romans to Troy. These texts are the only places that give detail about the Trojan horse attack, and they are not reliable by any means. It is also a pretty unrealistic and strange story, not only because of the Greeks hiding in the belly of an enormous horse but also because the Trojans would have to be pretty naive to accept a gift from the Greeks. One suggestion made by scholars is that the horse represents an earthquake caused by Poseidon (Earth-shaker) that weakened the walls around Troy. This makes sense as Poseidon was the god of earthquakes and horses.[1] There's a possibility that the whole Trojan War was a metaphor for the conflict between human civilisation and the gods, rather than any real event.[2] Furthermore, the Trojan Horse is a great allegory for the gods' overwhelming civilisation.

Counter arguments

If there was evidence of the Trojan Horse, the evidence would not still exist, therefore we cannot entirely disprove the theory. Since the horse was made from wood, it would have deteriorated over thousands of years and left no trace.



[P1] There is no evidence that the Trojan Horse existed. [P2] The Trojan Horse could be an allegory for an earthquake. [P3] The Trojan Horse is a tale of fiction and could indicate the Trojan War never occurred.

Rejecting the premises


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