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Should VAR be used in football?
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VAR is being deliberately sabotaged in England

The Premier League and its referees do not want VAR to succeed. As a result, they are deliberately implementing it as badly as possible to see it scrapped.


VAR stands for Video assistance referee and is a new way technology is used to help football referees on the field when they make decisions. They are mainly used for determining goals, penalty decisions, direct red cards or mistaken identity incidents. The video footage helps the referee to take a decision after viewing the video material. Anyhow, the use of VAR is controversially discussed as it could potentially underpin the role of the referee on the field.

The Argument

The VAR technology in itself has proven to be a very useful tool in helping the referee on the field to get a second view on an incident through the videos that can cover more angles and perspectives than the human eye. However, certain referees and the British Premier League don’t want VAR to succeed and want to see it scrapped. This is why they make an effort to implement it as bad as they can and encourage a bad media coverage of VAR. This hurts the advancement of football with technology and is counterproductive. Certain especially controversial VAR decisions are put forward to discredit the entire system all together. For instance, the decision of Jonathan Moss in the 1-1 draw between Tottenham and Sheffield United has been about deciding on an offside based on the big toenail of Lundstram. Critics argue that if he had a smaller shoe size, the decision would have been different. Such examples show that VAR should be reformed and have clearer guidelines on how to decide in situations with small margins. Anyhow, this shouldn’t serve as an excuse for sabotaging the overall use of VAR in the Premier League.

Counter arguments

VAR should indeed be scrapped from the Premier League as it kills what football once was. VAR has a margin of error up to 38,8cm (14 inches) which proves that it is less effective than its proponents claim. It doesn’t allow for fully certain decision making and as a result is not making football fairer or better.



VAR is a good opportunity for football that shouldn’t be scrapped.


Technological advancement is good for advancement and shouldn’t be hindered by internal forces.

Rejecting the premises

Technological advancement is bad, it is better to conserve the status quo.


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