Argument Mapping Tools

Take a look at our resources for online argument mapping to help visualize debates and ideas with technology. These sites offer solutions to structure debates and encourage critical thinking, simplify complex debates, help students learn complex topics and hone thinking and writing skills.


Argunet Editor is a free argument map editor for analyzing and visualizing complex debates.


Mindomo is software used for mind mapping, concept mapping, and outlining. Mind mapping requires students to explore information and decide what’s important and how it connects with what they already know.


Debategraph is a web-based, collaborative idea visualization tool, focusing on complex public policy issues. It has been used by government bodies including the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and the White House.


Rationale’s argument mapping method is an intuitive format, designed to build critical thinking and writing skills in all subject areas. It acts as a pedagogical support for the development of critical thinking skills founded through five years of university research.


MindMup is a mind mapping application written primarily in JavaScript and designed to run in HTML5 browsers. It can also be used to create argument maps.

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