Meet the Parlia Team

Parlia is a small team based in London, UK and Porto, Portugal.

Between us, we speak more than a dozen languages, represent half a dozen of the world’s major religions, were brought up between the Western USA and New Zealand’s North Island, and our hobbies range from cheese-blogging to hunting.

London HQ



We are lucky enough to be supported by some extraordinary advisors:

Dr. Rob Shilston is a twice-exited technology entrepreneur and ex-Director of Engineering at the Financial Times.

  • Sarah Marshall - Audience

Sarah Marshall is Head of Audience Growth at Vogue International, Conde Nast, before which she was the Wall Street Journal. She teaches at City University’s Journalism School.

  • Mary Hamilton - Audience

Mary Hamilton is International Operations Director at Audible; they previously led global audience engagement and development for the Guardian, and technology operations for BBC iPlayer and Sounds. They founded the tabletop games studio Rowan, Rook and Decard.

Dr. Elena Musi is a Lecturer in Communication and Media at Liverpool University, working on Argumentation and Artificial Intelligence.

Liverpool University Biography

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