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What do we think?

We’re Parlia - the Opinion Library

We’re building the home of all opinions on the internet.

On Parlia, 1 Opinion = 1 Card

The definitive version of that opinion anywhere on the internet.

  • God exists
  • Free Will is a Myth
  • Strawberries are revolting

The internet is awash with opinions. Rather than having those arguments all over the internet, we’re pulling them all into one place. So that, in a single snapshot, you can see what every opinion is really about, and contribute to the conversation yourself.

How we think

Our values spread across that beautiful spectrum called humankind.

  • Create a profile on Parlia to vote on your favourite topics.
  • Understand where you sit on the political spectrum.
  • Compare your views with others who share your values.
  • Discover why the people on the other side of the fence think the way they do.
  • Test yourself, check your consistency, measure your bias, sharpen your ideas.

Help us map how we think about the world.


Debate and Discussion is how we build our values, how we decide how to live. Argument is the foundation of stone of democracy and the scientific method.

That is what Parlia seeks to enable and celebrate.

To live together, and benefit from the greatest variety of all our talents, we need to love each others differences.

If you’d like to read more about the thinking behind Parlia, head over to this short post, or have a glance at our FAQs.

Or be in touch with our two founders:

  • Turi - turi @ parlia.com
  • J.Paul - jpaul @ parlia.com
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