Is 2020 a dreadful 366 days or a massive awakening?

From a worldwide pandemic to fires that destroyed almost a quarter of Australia to racial supremacism, maybe what 2020 holds isn't a dreadful 366 days, but an awakening that forces us to shed, release, and re-evaluate humanity. From the Cenozoic Era, when humans first appeared, to what is now known as Gen Z, the developments and evolution are- without a doubt- significant and momentous. Along with technology, humans have also changed how we live, eat, and feel over time. However, humanity has also managed to feel superior to other races and religions, form divides and oppression against their own kind, make a mercenary of an altruistic society, and grow increasingly self-centered and self-obsessed in just a couple thousand years. But finally, with this worldwide pandemic, we are granted a quiet and calm space that allows us to reflect and re-evaluate. We become self-aware and are conscious of how we act and how the people around us act. We are able to shift beyond self-actualization into a realm of self-transcendence. With the deadly fires that arose, we have come to realize and experience the horrible hell we have put our animals and environment through. With protests and petitions against racial supremacism, we are finally able to use media for a cause that helps and fights for humanity and justice. Perhaps, the purpose of 2020 is not to evoke fear and dread but to force you to open your eyes and ears to see and hear the chaos and mayhem that we created from a peaceful, harmonious human civilization. Perhaps, 2020 is The Golden Age of Transformation.

2020 is a massive awakening.

2020 has been a year filled with events that signal that we are undergoing a global transformation. This includes realising truths about how the world in which we live is governed, the disregard for and abuse of certain lives, and the greater responsibility we have to take care of our planet Earth.

It opens our eyes and forces us to see how horrible and self-centered humanity has become.

2020 is merely a dreadful and tiresome year.

Although 2020 may stand out in future memories and in history books, there is nothing particularly spectacular about it. The collision of numerous issues all at once is a matter of coincidence not the product of a great awakening of humanity. The year 2020 will be memorable for its repeated negative occurrences on a global scale, not for fueling a new world order.

It cost a lot of people's lives with covid-19, riots, and fires.

Though 2020 has had unprecedented and globally altering events, the idea of it being a massive awakening is over-dramatic. Simply because there are multiple major events within the first half of a single year does not automatically make it some upheaval of all that we know as humans. 2020 is an eventful year, but still just a year.
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