Is alternative medicine effective?

Complementary or alternative medicine (CAM) is a group of diverse medical and health care systems, practices, and products for diagnosis, treatment and/or prevention which are not presently considered to be part of conventional medicine. Complementary means to improve the effect of something and suggests a treatment that complements mainstream, orthodox treatment, whilst alternative means instead of. However, the terms are often used interchangeably.

Yes, alternative medicine is effective

Alternative medicine has proven to be effective and reaches those who may not trust mainstream medicine.

Alternative medicine makes people feel better

Many people swear by alternative medicine for having helped to ease symptoms or even cure diseases.

Alternative medicine can complement traditional medicine

A huge number of people claim to have felt the effects of alternative medicine.

Alternative medicine helps those who distrust the mainstream

Alternative medicine appeals to people with a distrust of authority or belief in conspiracy theories.

Alternative medicine works because of the placebo effect

The thing that makes alternative medicine 'work' is a simple placebo effect.

It is the therapeutic relationship that makes the difference

Alternative medicine works because people form a close relationship with the practitioner.

No, alternative medicine is not effective

Alternative medicine has no proven effect, and where it appears to be effective is only a placebo.

Alternative medicine has no proven effect

There is no scientific evidence of alternative medicine's effectiveness.

If a treatment does work, it becomes orthodox medicine

Alternative medicine doesn't work - if it did, it would just be mainstream medicine.

Alternative medicine simply acts as a placebo

Any benefits that one experiences from alternative medicine are simply a trick of the mind. Most diseases will come right eventually anyway unless they are chronic or terminal.

Alternative medicine can cause serious harm

Some argue that if alternative medicine makes people feel better, it can’t do any harm. However, alternative medicine can cause significant damage.

Some alternative medicines are actively harmful

Alternative medicine can have negative interactions with prescribed mainstream medications people may already be on.

Alternative medicine prevents people from getting real medicine

People who believe strongly in alternative medicines sometimes avoid seeking traditional treatment because they believe alternative medicine will cure them.

Anyone can portray themselves as an alternative therapist

Unlike the years and years of intensive education, ongoing supervision and high levels of regulation that doctors, nurses and pharmacists undergo, anyone can set up shop as an alternative therapist or healer.

Huge amounts of money are spent on alternative medicine

Millions are spent both on research into alternative medicine as well as the money spent by people on their alternative health care.
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