Should animated films be considered for Best Picture at the Academy Awards?

The Academy Awards is among one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies for film in the world. The most coveted award of the ceremony is that for Best Picture. While animated features, such as Disney's Beauty and the Beast, have been nominated for this award, none have ever won. Further, there is a separate category for the Best Animated Feature that does not consider live-action film. Is there a way to acknowledge both forms of media in a single category without stigmatizing either?

Yes, animated films should be considered for Best Picture at the Academy Awards

Animated films and live action films, while different, have enough in common to justify comparisons between the two.

The stigma of animation

Animation has carried with it the stigma of being a 'kids genre' since Disney first released Snow White in 1937.

CGI is animation

Many live-action movies use some form of computer-generated imagery, or CGI, to convey aspects of the story being told on screen.

The Avatar conundrum

In 2009, James Cameron created a worldwide phenomenon with the release of Avatar, an award-winning film that relied heavily on CGI.

No, animated films should not be considered for Best Picture at the Academy Awards

Animated films are too different to be fairly compared with live action films.

Production differences

When creating a movie, a lot of factors come into play. In general, animation and live action film production may produce similar films and stories, but ultimately the creative process is vastly different between the two.

The emotional responsibility of acting

Films are heavily dependent on the performances given by the actors and actresses. Acting techniques used in animated film differ greatly from those in live action films.

The majesty of escapism

Films have long been touted as a means to escape reality and become immersed in other worlds and stories.
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