Are film critics worth reading?

Film criticism has been a big part of the movie industry for many years, with reviewers giving their take on the latest films and advising the public if a production is worth watching. But is the critique valuable? Are film critics worth reading?

Yes, film critics are worth reading

Film critics are worth reading because they offer a unique insight into what makes a movie bad or good. They know the inside outs of what goes into making a movie, and as a result are better equipped to pick apart good storytelling from bad. They are often lovers of film, and their passion drives their desire to see movies get better, not worse.

Film critics elucidate film history

Film critics often utilize their broad and deep range of film knowledge when critiquing movies, placing movies in their historical context and educating the audience.

No, film critics are not worth reading

Film critics are not worth reading because they dwell too much on the technicalities behind movie-making, which have nothing to do with how good or enjoyable a story is. They are often narrow-minded and biased based on the kind of movies that they love, and don't think about what the general public would love.

Film critics are out of touch

Film critics are immersed in a particular culture of film history and debate that does not connect to what the average audience wants from a movie.
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