Are the Marvel movies good cinema?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU, is one of the most successful intellectual properties of all time. But when asked about his opinion of the Marvel movies, famed filmmaker Martin Scorsese contended that they were not real cinema. This is not just one man's shot at a franchise, but rather a part of an overarching debate about whether the Marvel movies are merely common blockbusters, or something much more. Is Scorsese right, or does the MCU deserve more artistic respect?

Yes, the Marvel movies are good cinema

The Marvel movies are serious artistic ventures and monuments of good filmmaking.

The Marvel movies feature compelling performances by renowned actors

The MCU's roster is filled with stars, but they don't phone in their performances. Rather, they present amazing depictions of their characters.

The Marvel movies push the craft of cinema with artistic filmmaking innovations

From the special effects to the very foundation of the story, the MCU has not only become cinema, it has redefined it.

The Marvel movies tell moving, well-thought out stories across multiple movies

Beneath the flashy style of the MCU is a lot of narrative substance for which they deserve much credit.

No, the Marvel movies are not cinema

Popular movies are not always good cinema, and such is the case with the Marvel movies.

The plots of the Marvel movies follow a formulaic pattern without creativity

True cinematic works stand out on the basis of their unique stories. The Marvel movies lack this element.

Marvel movies are inherently oriented at being family blockbusters

The conventions, the subject matter, even the humor all indicate that Marvel movies can't approach serious cinema.

Marvel movies are inherently only a tool for corporate profit

At the end of the day, these are Disney movies. And as a corporation, Disney churns out movies for one reason: money.
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