Are paper books disappearing?

Digital books, e-books, kindles, e-readers, and digital publication and distribution is changing the book business and the way we consume books. But does the digital revolution mean the end of paper books?

Yes, paper books are disappearing

Paper books are disappearing because they take up a lot of physical space, and book lovers quickly build up a very large library. Digital books are also more useful, as e-readers often come with built-in dictionaries to help readers learn and understand new words. Readers can also take as many notes and make as many highlights as they want without risk of damaging their valuable hard copies.

No, paper books are not disappearing

Paper books are not disappearing, because book lovers still appreciate having a physical book in hand to hold, flip through, and read. Some people find it easier to take notes in a physical book, and some books even become valuable collectors pieces (especially if autographed, which can't be done in digital books). Digital books may be more convenient and save space, but real book lovers will want to dedicate a special place for their favorite books.
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