Are people born with charisma?

Is charisma learned or innate? Some people just seem to be charismatic from a young age, while others may need to learn social skills throughout their lifetimes. So is it nature, nurture, or some combination of both which determines a person's charisma?

Yes, people are born with charisma

Charisma is one personality trait that is determined by DNA. Some people have charisma from the moment they can first form sentences, and others do not or are late to develop it. The fact of the matter is, people are born with charisma, or they are born without it.

No, people are not born with charisma

Charisma is a social skill that is learned, just as language is learned. Without proper socialization, it doesn't matter what DNA a person has; they will not be able to communicate effectively or be charismatic if their social skill are not properly nurtured. People aren't born with charisma; it is learned.

It depends - some people are born with charisma, some learn it

Charisma, like anything else, can be bolstered by a genetic predisposition to having it. But that doesn't mean that it can't be learned. Even those who are naturals with charisma learn to use it better as they go through life, and those who aren't can still develop those skills anyway. So, determining a person's charisma depends on both nature and nurture.
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