Should we break up the Big Tech companies?

Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and others are now some of the largest and most powerful corporations in world history. Their reach is global, their resources and power eclipsing all but the largest nations. With their monopolies on entire market sectors and their political impact, has Big Tech become detrimental to the public good?

The Big Tech companies need to be broken up

The Big Tech companies have built monopolies in their markets via underhand, anti-competitive practices. They cannot be trusted to protect sensitive data.

Big Tech stops other companies from competing

Big Tech has destroyed the level playing field and made it practically impossible for competitors to enter the market.

Big Tech companies can't be trusted with people's data

Many incidents of improper data use, security breaches, and disregard for privacy prove that Big Tech has too much power over data.

Big Tech monopolies stifle innovation

Big Tech has disincentivized essential investment into new technology enterprises.

The Big Tech companies should not be broken up

The rise of Big Tech is a free market success story, and the services they provide are indispensable to consumers.

Big Tech companies have grown thanks to their products

Big Tech companies have grown out of a healthy demand for their products.

Big Tech benefits research and development

The industry now depends on Big Tech research and development investments to propel it forward.

Breaking up Big Tech would be illegal

As Big Tech companies do not violate antitrust laws, any decision to break them up would be criminal.
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